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 Hon. R. R. Patil College Of Homoeopathy And Hospital Sangli

C/o Dr. Ghatage Mulitspeciality Hospital And Research Center (College Code : 4149)

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Dear Students
        Survival of the fittest is the basic principle of the life with today‚Äôs competitive world, every day should be physically, socially, mentally, educationally and spiritually fit to achieve this proper training, learning and adaptation of the skills under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced and motherly touched teachers is important. My aim in establishing this institute is not only to prepare doctors who can care for social health and well being of society but also to develop cultured, highly educated and aptly trained doctors in homoeopathy. As it is a science of curing the patients from the root of disease and make patient not only free of disease, but also healthy according to WHO definition. Let us develop skill in the students who can prevent diseases, care illness and make healthy society. Dr. Sharad T. Ghatage M.D. Dch

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*Dr.Ghatage multispecilty hospital with 25 beded Homoeopathic hospital was dedicated covid hospital for 3 months

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